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About Us

Shambafund is a secure Crowdfarming platform that uses peer to peer lending to finance selected farmers by impact investors. Our platform will help farmers to access farm inputs and services as well as good markets for their produce. At the core of our offering and in the light of very low levels of existing financing options for agriculture, is the urgent need to provide a more available option for serious, experienced and passionate farmers to grow and expand their farm businesses.

Shambafund is an initiative of Shambapro Ltd, an agritech company that enables farmers to build and run profitable and sustainable enterprises. The first Crowdfarming cycle will tentatively* be rolled out towards the end of 2019.

At Shambapro, we ensure that technical and moral integrity is at the core of all our online platforms and offline systems. We do all efforts to ensure that investors’ funds are secure and are fully and effectively utilized to maximize the farmer’s chance of success.

*Subject to approval from relevant regulatory bodies in Rwanda.

How Shambafund Works ?

1. Select a Farm

A potential investor will search for preferred firm and crop

2. Invest

They will make their investment

3. Resources Deployed

Shambafund will use invested funds to avail all resources required by farmer

4. Optional Farm Visit

Investors who are able will be facilitated to visit the farm invested in and get to know the farmers

5. Regular Updates

Investors will receive regular farm updates remotely

6. Returns

At the end of the season, harvest will be sold and investment returned, profits shared by farmer, investor and company

Contact Us

Shambapro Ltd
Address: Plot 8, KG 7 Ave, P.O. Box 4206, Kigali, Rwanda.
Call or Whatsapp us on: +250780377732

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